Branding & UX design

Motus health & performance are movement-based health practitioners based in Cromer on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I recently rebranded their website, positioning them as experts and market leaders in the area.

Lean design process

Below are some of the design processes that were used during this project. Following
user-centred design principles, we went from concept through to the delivered website in about 8 weeks.

Competitor Research

Understanding the market and the niche was possible through detailed competitor research. We discovered how to position our brand differently.

Staff interviews

Staff interviews were a key to understanding the business offering and designing a way to communicate these benefits clearly in design and copy.

Design Strategy

I designed a content strategy combining current digital assets, completing staff headshots and writing micro-copy and a brand messaging strategy.

Web development

Finally, bringing it all to life with  visual design and building out a mobile responsive WordPress website ready for the marketplace.

What did we discover?

Internal Stakeholder interview discoveries

Below are some of the key discoveries from the interviews that gave us valuable material for the marketing within the new website.


Market Opportunities

The staff Interviews gave us a rich data set of information on market opportunities. This was done using the initial competitor research and asking questions on the current internal processes.

Discovered a U.S.P

The Unique Selling Proposition was discovered through a workshop to separates Motus HP from the other competitors in the marketplace. Motus is more than just a table in a room.

Benefits-driven Copy

The easiest way to communicate the specific benefits of the services offered was to ask the staff to explain this and then rewrite this into simple sales vernacular in the body copy.

Improved usability

Simple things like improving signage and explaining the entrance to the premises on the website, increases the overall experience the users have with the business.

Brand with a human touch

In order to draw larger human connection from the site users to the awesome staff, we doubled down on explaining the staff stories and used environmental and studio portraits throughout.

Click through the portraits below.

professional Headshots

brand story

 Environmental portraits tell the Brand Story

We also utilised Charlie Bucket & Co’s, content creators to get high-quality environmental portraits. These images contextualised the brand and gave their brand differentiation. We organised a photoshoot for each of the services that Motus Health and Performance offer.

The results are a highly visual website that uses strong photography to build the brand.

Click through screen grabs below

mobile responsive

60% of users were booking on mobile devices

In order to capture the majority of the users, we built the website with a mobile-first approach. Essentially the primary call to action for the website is to book a session and the secondary call to action is to make a phone call to enquire about the services. 

Looking for more information on the project?

This is just an introduction into this project. For a demonstration into the product design itself, reach out and lets have a chat I will be happy to share some more detailed screens and explain more.

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