Hey I’m Simon, a Product & Experience Designer based in Sydney

With 15 years experience in many aspects of Digital, I stand at the intersection of Product Design, Experience Design and Brand Strategy.

I am passionate about solving challenges within organisations and collaborating to create world class products that innovate the marketplace.


I connect the experience to the brand

Let’s connect the dots between brand messaging, user experience design and customer experience using a proven strategic approach to digital transformation.

Let’s achieve your business goals by putting your users first

 If you want a compellingly simple website or app with super clear messaging and a delicious user experience, then feel free to get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

Design the User Experience


Enhance the Brand Message

I help organisations transform their digital

Usually, during a series workshops with your team, we discover the threats and opportunities that exist within the current business framework. We design solutions and strategies aimed to reduce any friction that may exist within the website or application and capitalise on opportunities that are discovered from our investigative research.

Ux design & research

Digital Strategy

User Experience Design

User Experience Copywriting

User Interface Design

Conversion Rate Optimisation

User Experience Research

Wireframes & Protoyping

Product Design

Digital Strategy

UX Design

UX Copywriting

UI Design


UX Research


Product Design

Brand and messaging

Brand Strategy

Visual Design

Commercial Photography

Comms Style guide

Video Design

Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy

Visual Design


Style guide

Video Design


Encourage more users to take action on your website or application

Conversion rates of under 1% are hurting more businesses every day. If you are having trouble with your website or apps conversion rate and want some help, then feel free to reach out, Id love to hear from you.

we Commit to this

Increase customer conversion and engagement

Many users get overwhelmed by overly complex websites and apps with confusing information architecture.

By combining UX design principles with Brand Strategy, I’ll reduce the cognitive load that exists within your digital product that effects your overall conversion rate and sales figures.


A smarter end product from user research

By exploring the research surrounding your current digital ecosystem and organisational challenges we can discover both threats and opportunities for growth.

This may lead to either a complete rebuild or  incremental improvements across the board. If needed we can even build the last website you ever need because it will be set on a solid framework.

More effective digital marketing from clearer communications

The challenges to effective Digital marketing often appear upstream in the core business offer and the way this is communicated through visual design, marketing and advertising. This is more important than the latest marketing strategy because it is foundational.

I’ll help you improve your digital marketing ROI by streamlining your brand messaging and improving your customer experience. Once the messaging is clear and simple all metrics improve across the board.


More brand recognition and time spent on your touchpoints

By respecting our users limited time and specific needs we can create compelling content that they care about.

This requires a multi-channel strategy and the creation of original digital assets like PDFs, videos, copy writing and promotional photography.

UX Copywriting the secret sauce in customer conversion

Through UX Research, I craft compelling benefit driven sales copy and UX microcopy.

I focus in on the unique selling proposition or unique selling emotion and from this place, we craft a brand and communications guideline that doubles down on a simple message.

you get this

more engagement

Encourage users to spend more time on your Website or App.


Get a more efficient marketing spend and clearly measurable ROI.

easy to buy from

Reduce shopping cart abandonment by making it easier to buy from you.

Reduce churn

Increase customer lifetime value through improving the customer experience.

more scalable

Have a solid framework for growth so you can focus on the big picture.

more Memorable

Simpler brand messaging so your users remember your market offering.

About Simon Guthrie

Simon stands at the intersection of Product Design, Experience Design and Brand Strategy. He helps Start-Ups, Product Owners and UX advocates develop better products and experiences.

Simon is based in Sydney with a young family and loves surfing in the ocean and all things tech. He is always interested in new projects and opportunities to work with the right team.

What Simon Does

User Experience Design

? Prototyping

? Wire frames

? Task flows & IA

? User Stories

Product Design

? Concept design

? Rapid iteration

? MVP creation

? Prototyping


User Experience Research

? Usability test

? Competitor analysis

? Conducting interviews

? Facilitated Workshops

Content Creation

? Brand messaging

? UX copywriting

? Studio Photography

? Video production


Digital Strategy

? Digital roadmap

? Touch-point review

? Research

Visual Design

? Marketing

? Logo design

? Style guides

? User Interface design

? Web Design


Give Simon a call on:

+61 (0)466 274 777

Got a project? let's start a conversation

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