ABOVE: Logo Design

Design Deliverables

Below are the deliverables for this project. 

Logo and Style guide

Understanding the market and the niche was possible through detailed competitor research. 

Website Design

Once Style guide was complete I designed the wireframes for the website and increased usability. 

Brochure & Billboard

The continued rollout of Style Guide with the Brochure Design and Billboard Design.

Banners & Advertising

Finally, bringing it all to life with  visual design and building ou.


Styleguide creation

We were inspired by the colour scheme that was influenced by PopovBass interior designer and the finishes throughout the building itself. These influences include, polished concrete, charcoal, and driftwood. The initial colour scheme below was derivative of this.


Website design

We utilised amazing 3D renders of the upcoming project to emphasise the look and feel of the upcoming development.

top of the Home page

A3 Brochure design

Brochure design

Below is the 4 page A3 brochure to go alongside the website and build out the branding. Below are the proofs for the printer. The Brochure was printed on heavy-weighted coated stock and a limited release of 500 prints. (click on the images below for a more detailed look.)

ABOVE: The outside spread of the A3 brochure.

ABOVE: The inside spread of the A3 brochure.

Billboard Advertisment

Location signage

Below is the location sign for the physical address for this property development. 

Looking for more information on the project?

This is just an introduction into this project. For a demonstration into the product design itself, reach out and lets have a chat I will be happy to share some more detailed screens and explain more.

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