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Flynfo helps Airlines operate more efficiently by allowing Ground Staff to get flight information updates instantly.

It does this by increasing the accuracy and speed of information flow and modernises the way that flight details are communicated between staff.

UX design process

Below are some of the user experience design processes that were used during this project. Following user centred design principles we went from concept through to ‘clickable’ prototype in Marvel App.

The Product Story

The storyboard helps to ensure the full experience is considered and serves as a key early collaboration tool.


Understanding Users

The storyboards naturally led to establishing key characters to represent who will use the product in context.


User Journeys

Mapping out key user journeys with wireframes ensures that what is actually designed can be built in an efficient way.

Clickable Prototype

Finally, bringing it all to life with a clickable prototype and visual design where further product validation was achieved easily.

What is the painpoint that flynfo solves?

By innovating the Flight Information Screen

The flight information screen (FIS) is used by Ground Staff (Baggage handlers, Ramp Staff, Catering, Refuelling, Cleaners and Service desk) to gather updated information regarding specific flight arrivals and departures. The Flight information screen is positioned at several locations both Airside and Landside and acts as a bulletin board for updates as they occur. This is a crucial technology for all major Airlines.

Flynfo is an innovation of the Flight information Screen.


Limitations of the flight information screen?

In Fixed Locations

Staff have to physically drive or walk to the flight information screen in order to look for updates as they occur.

Always Changing

The flight information screen constantly changes, sometimes without notice, so staff have to be always on alert for a change to the schedule at any time.

Requires Confirmation

In order for the Operations department to ensure the changes to the schedule are received by staff, confirmation by 2-Way radio or mobile phone.

Difficult usability

The layout of the Flight information screen is difficult to read and takes considerable training to understand.

Product Story

I created storyboards to articulate the problem scenario. This makes it easy to contextualise the real-world problem that the product solves and gain stakeholder buy-in.

Problem Scenario

Communications has to be fast & accurate

Below is one common example of how breakdowns in communications can occur for staff as critical flight data is updated to the Flight Information Screen.

(Click on Storyboard below to zoom in.)


Solution Scenario

 When Flynfo updates, all staff  know what’s going on

Flynfo updates all users instantly of changes to the flight schedule.

User Flows

 Can you give me some information about a flight?

From our research, we discovered that all departments frequently need specific information regarding an upcoming flight. The process currently involves either making a call on a 2-way radio or finding a Flight Information Screen and reading the data on the monitor.

(click image below to zoom in)


Looking for more information on the prototype?

This is just an introduction into this project. For a demonstration into the product design itself, reach out and lets have a chat I will be happy to share some more detailed screens and explain more.

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