ezyCollect is a Saas start-up that have developed a productivity platform that integrates with major Accounting software to make chasing up unpaid invoices easy.

For this project I was the UX designer and also helped with brand messaging, creating a communications guideline and delivering a micro copy strategy.

UX design process

Below are some of the user experience design processes that were used during this project. Following user centred design principles we went from concept through to handover of wireframes to their Developer.

Staff interviews

Interviewing everyone from the CEO to the Sales team gave us a clear understanding of the business challenges.

Internal Workshops

I led stakeholder workshops on topics such as Persona’s, Competitor analysis, user stories, UX copywriting and Customer Journey maps.



From workshop findings and staff interviews we developed a communications guide for copywriting and outlined key areas of focus for the website.


Finally, bringing it all to life with a low fidelity prototype including micro-copy and copywriting.  The information architecture included 41 pages of wires.

Key Wireframe

Recommendations from the User research

As a result of the user research and workshop discoveries I made a number of key recommendations to the CEO and Marketing department. Below is a summary of some of the recommendations.

These recommendations spanned both Branding and UX design.


Lead Magnet

Create a value first download ‘Toolkit’ in exchange for email to increase email list and strengthen email campaign. 



Use the Frequently Asked Questions section as an opportunity to overcome objections, explain any clauses and overcome value uncertainty.

Transparent pricing

Create a 3 tier price structure to make pricing easier and build trust rather than various pricing depending on software.

Testimonial Videos

Create more testimonial videos in each industry and use other social proof techniques in order to overcome sales objections.

Unify language

Unify and simplify language removing jargon in order to clarify and simplify the product offering and message. (style guide)

Humanise the Brand

Create a Story around the founders to personalise the business to create a connection between prospects and the business.

Manage expectations

The layout of the Flight information screen is difficult to read and takes considerable training to understand.

Benefit Driven Copy

Keep the brand message and copywriting succinct and clear and benefit-driven. Have the benefits driven as a priority and the technical features as secondary.

UX Challenge

The information architecture had several challenges around the complexity of the pricing structure. Due to the complexity of the product integration and the current clients onboard, our recommendation of simplifying the pricing to three tiers, for a better user experience, was too much of a challenge to implement. As a result, we had to design a website structure that could expand as more Accounting software partnerships were made. The result was that each software integration required their own unique pricing page and as the business expanded new pages could be added in a simple straight forward way.

managing Partnerships

The Architecture to the Sign-up

Below is a the information architecture map. We had to design the structure so that customers using one type of accounting software would not likely see the pricing of another customer using a different software. The key decision within these pages was for the user to choose the software that they use for accounting, to proceed to the pricing and sign up pages.

(Click on image below to zoom in.)


User Flows

 How did we manage user expectations?

From our research, we discovered that users were getting frustrated by the length of time taken between signing up to the Simpleypaid platform and being able to use it. In order to solve this challenge I designed some click through modals, in the sign up process,  so that users know exactly what to expect and how long the process takes.

(click image below to see the low fidelity wireframe)


Looking for more information on the prototype?

This is just an introduction into this project. For a demonstration into the product design itself, reach out and lets have a chat I will be happy to share some more detailed screens and explain more.

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