Examples of my work

Ux/Ui & BRanding 

Branding, UX/UI Design & Web Development

Client: Motus Health & Performance, Cromer.

For this project I conducted user research and competitor research to make the Branding and market offering more compelling than the competitors. Using UX and UI design techniques to deliver a compelling competitive website and ecosystem.


Branding & Digital Design

Client: Domain Projects, Mona Vale.

For this project I offered a Brand Package including the design of digital assets. We went from concept through to completion and I delivered website wireframes, brochure, billboard design.

Branding, UX Design & Microcopy

For this project I helped redesign ezyCollects website. The project began with internal stakeholder interviews and research.

From conducting stakeholder workshops data I created a Communications guidelines and brand strategy. I also designed the information architecture for the website and wireframes for all pages.

Branding, UX Design & UI Design

For this project I utilised my previous experience in research in Aviation and built on it.

This project solves a challenge that has existed in Aviation for decades. It relates to the flow of critical information between staff members as flight information updates and staff have to reallocate their resources in real time.

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