Project Marketing package.

Akora Newport / is the latest offering by acclaimed builders Built Projects.

The product mix is 6 x 2&3 bedroom luxury apartments for over 55s located in Bardo Rd Newport and valued at around 15 million AUD.

For this project, the deliverables that I designed were:

  1. Project Brand Logo Colour Scheme and Style Guide
  2. 6 x fold-out Floorplans A2
  3. 16-page marketing brochure
  4. 10 meters of Hoarding for location 1.6 meters high.
  5. Site billboard 4 meters by 1.8 meters
  6. Small brochure A3 to DL fold out
  7. Full Page Print Advertisement
  8. Project Website for lead generation.
  9. Digital marketing animated GIFS for Google Ads

To see the website visit the link below.


To see the rest of the marketing collateral give me a call.


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